Return, Return, Return

We are back from camping and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, we returned to phone troubles (having a dial tone when it damn well feels like giving it) and the hot water heater is dead. Not resuscitation kind of dead. More like scrap yard, TAPS playing in the background. Dead.

The plummer will be here this evening while I am watching the Broadway production of Sweeney Todd with 2 teenage girls.

Bear braved it and took a cold shower, but I hauled a steaming pot of water into the stall with me which led to little or no chilly squeals behind the curtain.

I'll post a proper tidbit tomorrow, but we ARE alive and kicking.

Off to catch up with your lives... :)


Castle Mountain Here We Come!

We are heading out in the morning for our annual camping trip! All of the gear came out of the shed yesterday, checked over, and checked over again. Everything looks good!

Today, I am prepping food (baking bread etc) and cleaning around the house. Teenager has been packed for 4 days already. How easy is that? I wish I could be finished with all I need to do, but that would be to good to be true.

We'll be back Sunday - the same day Teenager turns 15. Eghads!

Have a great weekend! :)


Free Hugs and Great Fathers

I know this has been floating around for some time, but it always makes me happy with some tears for good measure. Looking through Youtube, it seems there have been Free Hugs Campaigns (visit the official site!)conducted in several major US cities.

I love the little lady who was the first to hug him, how he gets on one knee and then she strokes his face. Just awesome.

Happy Father's Day to all you great fella's out there. I know I am one lucky women to have such a fantastic man with whom we created two incredible kids. Honey, I love you and thank you for all you do for us. Everyday should be your day. Did I mention how damn lucky I am?


A Little Bit of Everything...

I know, I know.. but I just haven't had much blogging on the mind lately. While we have been pretty darn busy, it hasn't been the type of busy that you guys would want to hear about.

Here are some brief things to share:

The garden is looking good, though we had a couple of casualties. Three Roma's didn't make it and had to be pulled up. In their place, we planted three Early Girl tomato plants which are still looking a bit grim but it hasn't even been a week yet. I'm still holding on that they'll make it. The other 3 Roma's and three yellow pear plants are looking fabulous. We have peppers growing, and the snap peas are crawling up the trellis with tenacity. I love watching the feelers curl around each bit of string.

We planted a lettuce bed (thanks for all the advice guys) and i'm watching with a hawks eye for any sprouts. We chose Buttercrunch since it seems to do very well in our climate. We also took advantage of a small patch for some leeks. We LOVE leeks and by the time they are ready for harvest, the weather will be cooler -- though I have never needed an excuse to make a batch of potato-leek soup!

The other day, my awesomely wonderful landlord called and said he had 4 tickets to the Rockies vs. SF Giants game and that they were particularly great seats. He was unable to attend and did we want to go. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite; Heck Yes! Bear managed out of work early so we could go and boy was it fun! He wasn't kidding that they were great seats either. We were right behind the dugout!

You can see the camera crew right in front of us. And that's 3rd base you are looking at. Bear ended up on the mega screen at one point. Teenager, while baseball bores the heck out of her, took full advantage of her brother's binoculars. She discovered a guy on the other side of the stadium without his shirt on, a tan that should be criminal, and big gold chains around his neck. Not to sound stereo-typical, but he reminded me of someone out of some Bronx tale. I pictured him with an accent - the whole bit. I know, terrible of me. *shrugs* The shirtless friend with him reminded me a bit of Anthony Michael Hall (before he became real buff) from Weird Science. Bit out of place. Then there was the girl in the swimsuit top that Bear had to check out for himself. LOL

Little Bear had an awesome time, and that really nice lady next to him talked with him the whole game, sharing her peanuts. She was really sweet. It was great fun!

Last night - we watched (for the first time) An Inconvenient Truth. The kids were outside playing, but Bear and I let it be known that they have to sit down and watch it before I return it to the library. I believe it's a highly important film for them to see. I'll save my thoughts on it for another post, but for those who have yet to see it - what are you waiting for!?!?

We are going on an annual camping trip Thursday - a small festival (capped at 100 people) that we attend with other folks from our Pagan community. The large one in August (capped at 1000 people) is the one we are looking most forward too. Never the less, i'll be MIA from the 19th to the 22nd.

Speaking of the 22nd: Teenager will be 15 that day. Yep, my annual crying fest will begin. I cry every year, and while Teenager teases me about it, I think she secretly gets a kick out of it. We are financially tight right now (isn't most everyone else?) but I would LOVE to get her tickets to see Sweeney Todd - the Broadway show that is here in Denver. It ends the following week and I found that tickets are $20 for the balcony seats. Maybe her and her best girlfriend (who is another Tim Burton fan) would enjoy going. I'll have to run it by Bear.

15. Oh Gods our baby is turning 15. sigh.


Hope For Our Future....

Please Gods, let this man become the next President of the United States of America. Don't we finally deserve a break?

Utterly Sick!

Video Catches Pedestrian Run Over, Ignored

78-Year-Old Paralyzed, In Critical Condition

A Hartford, Conn., man is in critical condition at Hartford Hospital after a hit-and-run incident that was caught on tape. The video shows numerous cars and pedestrians passing by as Angel Torres, 78, lies motionless in the street before a police car arrives on the scene.According to the Hartford Police Department, on Friday, May 30, at approximately 5:45 p.m., Hartford Police were responding to an unrelated call for service when one of the responding officers came upon a pedestrian lying in the road. The pedestrian was found to be suffering from head injuries after being struck by a motor vehicle. Emergency Medical Services were called and transported the pedestrian, later identified as Torres.

For the rest of the article and to view the video - Go here...


What the hell is wrong with us? The video just left me in shock. People literally walk past him, drive their cars around him, and it made me sick to watch. Made me just shudder at the nature of the human race.


A Year Older...

Thirty Four years ago today, I was born in San Antonio to a single mother. Never underestimate the results of a one night stand. A one night stand while on birth control no less... (that probably wasn't a necessary statement, but it's a fact of my life)

I am blessed with an incredible family and love beyond measure. There are many times I feel very undeserving of such love, but that's neither here nor there. I'm forever grateful that I am here and able to experience this ride with Bear and the children.

Cake anyone?


Why Excederin Back and Body Are My Friends....

Sunday was our full blow gardening day. Holy hell... it was exhausting, though satisfying. We were up early and had breakfast before heading out to the garden center. Of course we had to begin our garden with starters so the price was a bit higher, but nothing unbearable.

~Blushing Beauty Sweet Pepper~

I am sore in places I didn't know existed. I know that sounds a bit wussy, but I do not apologize. In fact, the back of my THIGHS are demanding the apology to which I will do no such thing. They deserved the work out from hell. It's what they get for being so out of shape.

~The Herbal Area - All are medicinal plants...~

I have been reading what I can get my hands on. The books that were recommended by you guys will not come easily as we are broke and there is a line of holds at the library. Oh, i'm on there... I just don't know if i'll get them in this growing season.

We were in bed by 8:30 pm and up at 4:30. I had a load of clothes on the line and the dishes washed before 5:30 because I feared I wouldn't get back up if I sat down. My thinking was on the money. Little Bear kept banging on the front door when he could have gone around to the side - and when I finally got the the door, he got a nasty surprise when I chewed him out for making me walk across the house. The nerve!

~Ever-bearing Strawberries~

~The snow peas to the back and the far left are cabbages~

I'll post more in time, but at this moment, I am satisfied and please with the results. Here is a run down of what we planted:


Basil (spicy and genovese)
Lemon Balm
Lemon Verbanea
Garlic Chives

There will be more transplants from our Priestess next week, some of which will be:


and a few others that I can't recall since my brain is fried today.


6 tomato plants (4 Roma & 2 Yellow Pear)
Sweet Banana Peppers
Patty Pan Squash
Sugar Snap Peas

We have a tiny space left and may be able to fit another veggie in there but it's not looking promising. By choosing the patty pan squash we lost some space because they have to be spaced out so far, but darnit! It's my favorite squash!

Ignore my babbling. I am so tired today. Walking in to the bank and 2 stores this morning was something closely resembling torture. Yeah, there's that wussy talk again. I'm off to lay in the recliner and read. Poor Bear is at work hurting as well. He is sunburned yet again. We're a couple of old babies today! Whaaaaaaaa.... :~)

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